Photo by Kevin Donihe

I woke up this morning and fondled Heather.

Before we left, Heather promised she wouldn’t be bitchy about driving. This lasted about an hour. Then she started riding me about how I itch my crotch too much.

“I’m not itching I’m adjusting,” I said.

“You’re itching. I think we might have a yeast infection. Put on this vagina cream.”

“I won’t. You’re being paranoid.”

“Don’t call me paranoid.”

We drove down TN. We ate a Mexican restaurant until we felt like dump trucks.



We didn’t get to Oxford until 10pm. It was packed with college kids. They were all so attractive and fancy. We found a table on the balcony of a bar and discussed our first impressions of the town.

“Okay so name two positives, and two negatives,” I said.

“One positive,” Heather said.  “There’s a lot shit going on.”

“That’s true. This tiny town is packed with bars.”

“It’s beautiful. The buildings I mean.”

“Beautiful. But fancy. Holy shit this place is fancy.”

“Too fancy”

“It’s kinda scary.”

“And too many college kids.”

“There has to be a dive somewhere,” I said. “I mean where the fuck to the locals drink. People keep looking at me like I’m homeless.”

A bouncer overhead us talking and suggested we go a bar at the end of main street. It was in no way a dive. But it wasn’t too packed and the people were our age and looked normal enough. We had a couple of beers. The bar tender gave us a couple of free shots to welcome us to Oxford. We had a good chat with him. And I started to feel more comfortable.

The bar closed and we went back to the motel our room is really run down. It might be the only run down thing in Oxford. Its so rundown, I feel a little uncomfortable.

I’m looking forward to waking up and exploring some more.