Photo by Kevin Donihe

Today I drove on 58 across the bottom of Virginia to Tennessee, thinking it was going to be a nice scenic drive, and maybe it was, but the fucking fog was so thick I couldn’t see more than five feet in front of me. I had to climb up and down that hilly landscape going ten miles per hour.

When we finally got out of the fog we decided to call it a night. Heather used the GPS to find a motel. We found that was only 2 miles away. But the directions the GPS gave us took us deep into more foggy big ass hills. We were driving for an hour before the GPS told us we had reached out destination. But there was no motel. Just a pharmacy and an Applebee’s.

We ate at the Applebee’s and then we were able to find a motel for only fifty bucks a night and it was only ten miles down the road from us. It’s nice and cozy here but Heathers mad at me because I decided to watch Star Trek instead of having sex. I suggested we have sex while watching Star Trek about that only made her more upset.

Tomorrow we arrive in Oxford. We’ll find a motel with cheap weekly rate. Then, if we like the place, we’ll get an apartment. If we don’t like it, well, shit, I ain’t going to move back home.

Photo by Todd Hido