1-20-2010 Brooklyn.


Woke up still drunk. Had to move car. I was driving all over the place. Almost crashed into a parked car. Felt manly about it.

The night before we met with a couple old friends I have know since I was a young. We went to some bar and we all had whiskey. I feel self-conscious around them. Even when I am drunk. They are both so hip. I’m just a fat guy in baggy slacks and a shirt covered in stains. They think I am a buffoon. And usually I like being a buffoon. But not when I am around them.

Regardless, there’s a lot of old affection there at times. And I liked seeing them in the long run.

Heather woke up at noon and walked out into my buddy’s living with nothing but her slip on and her boob was hanging and I really loved how good and warm and sloppy she looked.

We decided to stay an extra night so I could see a few more friends.