My wife and I are in the middle of moving to Vermont. And we are low on funds. So I decided to sell some  of my books. I never keep books anyway. Usually, once I am done reading them, I sell them to used bookstores. I decided to grab some of interesting small press books and see if anyone on the interweb interested in them. If you see one you like, email me at or private message me on facebook. We can negotiate a price. I’m willing to sell these books for cheap. Especially if you buy more than one.


Arson People, Katie Shinkle

Atrocity Vendor, by Nick Cato

Biomelt, by Carlton Mellick

Black Gvm, by J David Osborn

Cannibal Island, by Michael Faun

Cult of Loretta, by Kevin Maloney

Deep Invaders, by Michael Faun

Haex, by Michael Faun

House Of Houses, by Kevin Donihe

Hungry Bug, By Carlton Mellick

Kafka Effeckt, by D Harlan Wilson

Kings Of Men, by Matt Bialer

Mega Gray, by Seb Doubinsky

Mother Of A Machine Gun, by Michael J Seidlinger

Murderland, by Garrett Cook

Sick Pack, by MP Johnson

Spiritual Instrument, by M Kitchell

The Train Derails in Boston, by Jessica McHugh