Season 9 is bad. Its so bad it will really mess with you head. Here is what I think happened. Roseanne wanted to make it more like Absolutely Fabulous, a British show about two sloppy trend obsessed socialites. There are interviews with her saying she wanted to make an American version of Ab Fab, but the studios just were not interested. So I think she tried to turn Roseanne into Ab Fab, with Jacky and her being like the Edina and Patsy. She had the Conners win the lottery and become rich, all in an attempt to make the show more like Absolutely Fabulous. And, holy shit, it does not work at all. The change is jarring, and sloppy and feels unnatural. Jacky dates a prince. Dan’s mother tries to kill him a bunch of times and they treat it like a joke. Roseanne wears some awesome outfits though. They are weird and over the top sexy. Season nine also has a guest appearance from the cast of Ab Fab. And it is the only good episode out of the last three seasons. Many people consider this episode to be the last Halloween episode. I like that idea.