Season four is rough on the Conner family. Dan loses his bike shop. Becky runs off and gets married. By Season five, Roseanne is depressed and does not want to celebrate Halloween. So the ghost of Halloweens past, present and future visit and try to remind her of the importance of the holiday. This episode is classic. Probably the most classic of the Halloween episodes.

The best part is the ghost of Halloweens past. The ghost of Halloweens past shows her Dan and Roseanne met at a Halloween dance. It’s a sweet sweet scene. The actors they have playing young Dan and Roseanne do an amazing job. I wish they had made a spin off with these actors where we got to see the Conners when they were first dating.

It all should have ended here. The quality of the show started going down hill(it was more of cliff, really) in season six. But I get why it was hard to end it. Season five is just so damn good.This the season when Darlene gets really angsty and starts drawing comics and wearing all black. When I was young I wanted to be this version of Darlene. I wore all black and tried to be as grumpy as possible. It didn’t work. I ended up way more like DJ. Also… Look you see that picture of Roseanne at the top of this article? I have that exact same shirt and I wear it all the time. Whats going on?