Roseanne has the best Halloween specials. The first one appears during the the second season. I love the early perm-ridden, puffy jacket Roseanne episodes. Its warm, laid back, and relate-able. Season 2’s Halloween special is so damn good. The Conner’s turn their living room and kitchen into a haunted house. All the decorations look over the top gory and goofy and fun. It’s very nostalgia inducing stuff. And then there is non stop pranking. The Conner family loves to prank each other. And often the pranks are really messed up. Dan pretends to cut his fingers off. Roseanne pretends to choke to death. My favorite scene is where a young Darlene drools blood into her sister’s cereal. It’s not that clever. But it is so, so funny. I tried this prank on my wife. It didn’t go over well. She got really upset.