“When I was young, we used to pull down each other’s pants. It was a fun thing to do. We called it pantsing.”
“I imagine it’s still fun.”
“One time someone pants my buddy Jon. His underwear came down with his pants and everyone saw his peter pumpkin eater.”
“His what?”
“His dick. Everyone saw his dick. And he was humiliated. Which is normal. You are supposed to be humiliated by that sort of thing. That’s what makes it so funny. But then everybody felt bad for him. So they got together agreed not to tease him about it.”
“That’s was nice of them.”
“I thought it sucked.”
“Cause they wouldn’t have done that for me. Or any of the other crustier kids.”
“I think they would have.”
“Ah, what do you know?”
“I know, when I met you, you liked to pull your own pants down at parties and you didn’t care if people were laughing at you or with you. You just liked it when people laughed.”
“What are you saying?”
“I’m saying you need to be less bitter.”
“Is this four play? Are you trying to hook up with me?”
“No, not at all.”