“This town has too much weather. And pizza.”
“And there’s a strip club right on Main Street.”
“It’s the only chill bar in town. The rest of them are packed with college kids. College kids who don’t read or feel sappy hearted enough of the time.”
“I miss the bars in Racine Wisconsin.”
“They were better. Better mozzarella stick and fish fries.”
“I wish upstate New York and Wisconsin could dry hump unprotected. And have a baby.”
“Yup. Just like my parents.”
“Your dad is so Midwestern. Your mom was from here, right? Was your mom very upstate New York-ish?”
“I don’t know. I assume so. That’s what I am trying to figure out by moving here, and stealing the shade of these pine trees.”
“I had a feeling that’s what was going on.”
“Ghosts are lonely. Especially when you visit them.”
“Ghosts can only dry hump because they have no insides.”