Melissa snuck away from the party with her arms full of Vodka bottles. I waved to her and tried to get her attention but she ignored me. She headed for her tent. What are you doing? I wondered. And I imagined she had friendships in there. They would be taking shots and having the best time ever. I felt left out so I found all our other friends what she was doing.
“She’s partying without us!” I said.
“That’s so fucked up!” Emily said.
“I know. My feelings are hurt,” I said.
“Mine too.”
We ninja’d up to her tent. We were being very stealthy, using our tippy toes to advance on her tent without being detected.
“SHHHHHHHHH!” my friend Ian said.
He put his ear up to the tent.
“I don’t hear anything.”
“They know we are here,” I said.
“They can hear us.”
“But we are whispering.”

“But you guys are whispering really loudly,” Emily said.
“Shhhh!” I said.
“Wait, who’d you say was in there?” Ian asked.
“I don’t know,” I said. “Its a mystery.”
“But we are all here. Everyone’s here with us.”
I looked around and it was true everyone was standing around the tent, in the darkness, not wanting to be left out.
“Everyone is here,” I said. “Thats true.”
“So then who would be in the tent partying?”
“There’s people in there!” I whispered loudly. “I just know it.”
Ian unizipped the entrance to the tent.
“Whose in there?” I said.
“Just Melissa,” he said.
“Whats she doing?”
“She’s sleeping.”
“But wait,” a voice came from the dark woods. “What if she’s just pretending to sleep?”
“Oh that would be so fucked up,” I said.
“No,” Ian said. “I think she’s really sleeping.”
“Is it that late?” someone asked.
“I don’t know.”
“Its late for adults.”
“But we are all adults.”
“Its true.”
“That is so fucked up.”
“I’m going to win the party,” I said.
“I’m going to win the party too,” Ian said.
“Lets all win the party.”
“Shhh,” someone in the woods said. “Shes sleeping.”
“Right,” Ian said. “Sorry.”
“Lets go party over there,” Emily said.
“But there is a fire over there,” someone said.
“But we made that fire,” Ian said.
“Good point.”