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Jean-Yves Cotti has translated my first book, Drinking Until Morning, into French and its been published by Gwen Catala Editions.







“Hey sweet baby baby.”
“You look good. I love married women who wear sweat pants.”
“Whats that smell?”
“You like that?”
“Its a Grimbol Poetry Pack?”
“That crap looks expensive.”
“No way. It’s only $25.”
“I want a poetry pack. I’m your wife. Give me a poetry pack.”
“You got to email me and then pay me via paypal. My paypal address is”
“Shut up, dumb head. I’m your wife. I get things for free.”
“No way. I need money.”
“How bout I trade you this ring for it.”
“But that’s our wedding ring…”
“Hey whats that book?”
“Which one?”
“That one.”
“COME HOME, WE LOVE YOU STILL. Its not even officially released yet. Only way you can buy it is with the poetry pack.”
“Can I see it?”
“Why not.”
“Cause you were just picking your nose and your hands are all boogery.”
“So, everyone picks their nose.”
“But you were like two knuckles deep.”
“I like it that way.”
“Just keep away from my poetry pack.”
“Fine, i was just trying to be supportive anyway. I’m going to go netflix and chill in the living room.”
“So just email me at or message me on facebook if you are interested in buying the GRIMBOL POETRY PACK.”
“Who are you talking to?”
“I don’t know. Is anyone out there.”
“You are kinda freaking me out.”
“No way. You are freaking me out.”

Moving Journal Day 5, Arriving in Oxford Mississippi



Photo by Kevin Donihe

I woke up this morning and fondled Heather.

Before we left, Heather promised she wouldn’t be bitchy about driving. This lasted about an hour. Then she started riding me about how I itch my crotch too much.

“I’m not itching I’m adjusting,” I said.

“You’re itching. I think we might have a yeast infection. Put on this vagina cream.”

“I won’t. You’re being paranoid.”

“Don’t call me paranoid.”

We drove down TN. We ate a Mexican restaurant until we felt like dump trucks.



We didn’t get to Oxford until 10pm. It was packed with college kids. They were all so attractive and fancy. We found a table on the balcony of a bar and discussed our first impressions of the town.

“Okay so name two positives, and two negatives,” I said.

“One positive,” Heather said.  “There’s a lot shit going on.”

“That’s true. This tiny town is packed with bars.”

“It’s beautiful. The buildings I mean.”

“Beautiful. But fancy. Holy shit this place is fancy.”

“Too fancy”

“It’s kinda scary.”

“And too many college kids.”

“There has to be a dive somewhere,” I said. “I mean where the fuck to the locals drink. People keep looking at me like I’m homeless.”

A bouncer overhead us talking and suggested we go a bar at the end of main street. It was in no way a dive. But it wasn’t too packed and the people were our age and looked normal enough. We had a couple of beers. The bar tender gave us a couple of free shots to welcome us to Oxford. We had a good chat with him. And I started to feel more comfortable.

The bar closed and we went back to the motel our room is really run down. It might be the only run down thing in Oxford. Its so rundown, I feel a little uncomfortable.

I’m looking forward to waking up and exploring some more.


Moving Journal Day 4


Photo by Kevin Donihe

Today I drove on 58 across the bottom of Virginia to Tennessee, thinking it was going to be a nice scenic drive, and maybe it was, but the fucking fog was so thick I couldn’t see more than five feet in front of me. I had to climb up and down that hilly landscape going ten miles per hour.

When we finally got out of the fog we decided to call it a night. Heather used the GPS to find a motel. We found that was only 2 miles away. But the directions the GPS gave us took us deep into more foggy big ass hills. We were driving for an hour before the GPS told us we had reached out destination. But there was no motel. Just a pharmacy and an Applebee’s.

We ate at the Applebee’s and then we were able to find a motel for only fifty bucks a night and it was only ten miles down the road from us. It’s nice and cozy here but Heathers mad at me because I decided to watch Star Trek instead of having sex. I suggested we have sex while watching Star Trek about that only made her more upset.

Tomorrow we arrive in Oxford. We’ll find a motel with cheap weekly rate. Then, if we like the place, we’ll get an apartment. If we don’t like it, well, shit, I ain’t going to move back home.

Photo by Todd Hido

Moving Journal Day 3



We’re in Virginia and its snowing. We found a motel that’s only forty bucks a night. It’s cozy. And when I say cozy I mean it in a huddle-around-a-camp-fire-telling-stories kind of way. Only instead of a campfire we got a space heater and instead of a telling stories we’re watching the travel channel with hot ladies in the rain forest walking around with their titties hanging out. They hunt spider monkeys.

I just took my boots off.

Heather: “Jesus! Did your feet just fart?”

Moving Journal Day 2

1-20-2010 Brooklyn.


Woke up still drunk. Had to move car. I was driving all over the place. Almost crashed into a parked car. Felt manly about it.

The night before we met with a couple old friends I have know since I was a young. We went to some bar and we all had whiskey. I feel self-conscious around them. Even when I am drunk. They are both so hip. I’m just a fat guy in baggy slacks and a shirt covered in stains. They think I am a buffoon. And usually I like being a buffoon. But not when I am around them.

Regardless, there’s a lot of old affection there at times. And I liked seeing them in the long run.

Heather woke up at noon and walked out into my buddy’s living with nothing but her slip on and her boob was hanging and I really loved how good and warm and sloppy she looked.

We decided to stay an extra night so I could see a few more friends.

Moving Journal day 1

Painting of my father, Rev William Grimbol, by Jason Gorcoff

1-19-2010 Shelter Island, NY

This is how I left home.

My dad sat on the couch wearing his night shirt. Patty, his wife, sat on the recliner, dopey from pain pills, watching the home shopping network.

“Look at those earrings,” she said. “Aren’t they just exquisite?”

“I think my dad’s nightgown is exquisite. If I was to use the word exquisite for anything it would be for my father’s nightgown.”

“It’s a night shirt,” he said.

My father had a shitty smirk on his face. He was waving the phone at me.

“Have you called your aunt?” he said.

I stared at him like a deer caught in the headlights of a monster truck or a tank.

“Call your aunt,” he went on. “She just wants to talk to you before you head off to Mississippi.”

That’s where we are moving. Oxford, Mississippi. Initially Heather wanted to move to Portland Maine. After a brief visit, we decided it was a snowy hell and that we wanted to move south where it’s warmer. And I know, it’s a real random place to move, but when things are random they feel adventurous, and we like that.

My aunt gets nervous when I move. I moved to Brooklyn, New York when I was twenty. She called me ten times a day. It was horrible. It was the bad kind of love.

I didn’t want to talk to this old woman. I wanted this morning to be nice and sweet. Talking to my aunt made me feel anxious.

“Call your aunt,” my father kept saying.

Then Patty chimed in.

“She would just love it if you called.”

I had a hissy-fit and told them all to fuck off. I was really intense. There was lots of yelling.

My father stomped off to his office.

I followed.

He sat at his desk and sobbed.

“Why are you always so angry?” he kept saying. “I try so hard to be a good dad. To make this a good home for you. But you are always so angry at me.”

I tried to explain myself but it only made him more hysterical. Eventually I gave up. I sat and watched him cry and waited.

Finally he stopped blaming me for how shitty he felt and he started complaining about the usual things. His job. His sickly wife. He told me he wanted to disappear.

The crying went on for a while. Once he stopped I started to get emotional.

My father and I spent the rest of the day being a bit more loveable. I told him about my worries. How I didn’t have a job lined up, how moving to Mississippi seemed maybe a little too random. He told me he was excited for me. That I will be okay.

Now Heather and I are driving west. We aren’t going far tonight though. We want to stop in Brooklyn to see some friends.

Used Books For Sale. Help A Grimbol Out.

My wife and I are in the middle of moving to Vermont. And we are low on funds. So I decided to sell some  of my books. I never keep books anyway. Usually, once I am done reading them, I sell them to used bookstores. I decided to grab some of interesting small press books and see if anyone on the interweb interested in them. If you see one you like, email me at or private message me on facebook. We can negotiate a price. I’m willing to sell these books for cheap. Especially if you buy more than one.


Arson People, Katie Shinkle

Atrocity Vendor, by Nick Cato

Biomelt, by Carlton Mellick

Black Gvm, by J David Osborn

Cannibal Island, by Michael Faun

Cult of Loretta, by Kevin Maloney

Deep Invaders, by Michael Faun

Haex, by Michael Faun

House Of Houses, by Kevin Donihe

Hungry Bug, By Carlton Mellick

Kafka Effeckt, by D Harlan Wilson

Kings Of Men, by Matt Bialer

Mega Gray, by Seb Doubinsky

Mother Of A Machine Gun, by Michael J Seidlinger

Murderland, by Garrett Cook

Sick Pack, by MP Johnson

Spiritual Instrument, by M Kitchell

The Train Derails in Boston, by Jessica McHugh








Season 9 is bad. Its so bad it will really mess with you head. Here is what I think happened. Roseanne wanted to make it more like Absolutely Fabulous, a British show about two sloppy trend obsessed socialites. There are interviews with her saying she wanted to make an American version of Ab Fab, but the studios just were not interested. So I think she tried to turn Roseanne into Ab Fab, with Jacky and her being like the Edina and Patsy. She had the Conners win the lottery and become rich, all in an attempt to make the show more like Absolutely Fabulous. And, holy shit, it does not work at all. The change is jarring, and sloppy and feels unnatural. Jacky dates a prince. Dan’s mother tries to kill him a bunch of times and they treat it like a joke. Roseanne wears some awesome outfits though. They are weird and over the top sexy. Season nine also has a guest appearance from the cast of Ab Fab. And it is the only good episode out of the last three seasons. Many people consider this episode to be the last Halloween episode. I like that idea.





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